Creating simple mathematical figures

I'm very new to graphviz. This is really great that simple graphs can be plotted this simple. I'm too late to know.

I wish to create mathematical figures using graphviz I don't need nodes (but may be labels, like say, triangle ABC).
The best I can get (for a triangle) is using the following code:

node [shape = point];
a -- b;
b -- c;
c -- a;

I used neato to make the triangle equilateral. But this code creates a point in the corners, which I don't need.

When I use "none" the lines are not joined. Is there a way to do this?

Set node width = 0: node

Set node width = 0:

node [shape = point width=0];


That was really easy than I

That was really easy than I thought.

But when zooming into corners of the created figures, I see that they are not properly rendered. The two lines are not joined properly.

Is there an easy way to fix this?

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