Controlled Edge Length in Spring Graphs?

I've been working on an approximately 6000 node graph using the svdp/gvmap pipeline - just the command that is described in the one gvmap gallery entry. In my graph, I create primary clusters intentionally by linking common nodes to a single node with invisible edges. These would generate what look like countries in gvmap. These clusters have many thousands of internal connections. These clusters are also connected to one another. The effect of these inter-cluster edges is that all they are pulled into the center of the image, looking like one large land mass. If I don't create these inter-cluster edges, these clusters all space out nicely in the produced image. What I'd really like is to have the spacing that occurs naturally when the clusters don't have interconnections, but be able to have edges between these clusters. This would allow me to easily differentiate one cluster from another in the output, but show how they are connected to one another. It would be even better if I could control how much these clusters were pulled toward one another, maybe by indicating the effect that an edge has on its associated spring. I've experimented with some of the edge attributes, trying to find one that will lessen the pull of the springs between clusters, but haven't found one that works. Is this type of thing possible? Thanks a lot for the help and a really useful product.

Controlled Edge Length in

I thought my original post didn't get saved, but there apparently was some delay in the upload.  My follow-up was answered in this post:

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