Complete novice.

Guys, I am a complete novice (or muppet depending on your point of view) I have a MAC running Lion and was wondering who do I best generate dot files or the best application to generate dot files. I have been reading up on what I want graph wise and have the code digraph sms { size="10,10"; node [color=lightblue2, style=filled]; "SMSB" -> "SLR"; "SMSB" -> "PCF"; "O-MSC" -> "SMSB"; "ISCP" -> "CLS-SDF"; "SMSB" -> "SMSC"; "PCF" -> "SLR"; "SMSB" -> "HLR"; "SMSB" -> "T-MSC"; "SMSC" -> "T-MSC"; "HLR" -> "VPN-SDF"; "ISCP" -> "VPN-SDF"; "NMS" -> "VPN-SDF"; "NMS" -> "SLR"; "NMS" -> "PCF"; "NMS" -> "HLR"; "RSB" -> "SLR"; "RSB" -> "PCF"; "CSIM" -> "SLR"; } Just wondering what is the best way to compile it? Jamie

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