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Hi. I have made a small application that generates dot language graphs. These are saved to text files, like so:

digraph chain{
1->3 [style=bold,label="1"]
2->3 [style=bold,label="1"]
3->3 [style=bold,label="1"]
3->1 [style=bold,label="1"]
3->2 [style=bold,label="2"]

I have been opening these in Graphviz on Windows 7 and I am very happy with the result. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this excellent piece of software. It would be nicer if I could generate a graphics file by calling an exe or dll from within my application. I tried calling dot.exe at the command prompt with "dot filename", but this resulted in a message saying that there was a syntax error near ' *digraph'. Actually there was a strange character where I have written *, but I don't know how to type that. I have also looked at some brief instructions for using calling cgraph.dll from within my application, but this was a bit baffling. Are there some tutorial-type instructions for how to do these things?

Thanks, Dave.

You should certainly be able

You should certainly be able to run "dot filename" from a command shell (and hoping that you are using the -o option or redirecting the output to a file). My guess is that your file may contain a non-printing spurious character at the beginning? You might want to post the file so someone can check.

The library manual can be a bit daunting. As usual, the best trick is to find and example to get you going and extend that. I realize now that the Windows package does not come with the sample programs from the source package. Go to the documentation page and look for the Sample Program using Graphviz. These should get you started.

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