Cluster rank


I have 2 cluster in my graph
digraph G{

subgraph cluster_MAIN {
START [label="START"];
subgraph cluster_006{
label="6 H";
005 [label="005"];

Any idea how i can be sure that the second one is below the first one ?
so far there a side by side.


At present, dot places the

At present, dot places the connected components side-by-side. There is no way around that without tweaking the graph or going outside of dot. (All of the other layout engines allow you to specify how to handle multiple components, but we haven't gotten around to adding this to dot.)

The simplest solution is to add an invisible edge:

START -> 005 [style=invis]

You can also use a pipeline of dot | ccomps | gvpack | neato if you prefer not to add the edge or your graph gets more complex. Let me know if you want details.


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