Cluster attribute 'id' in dot?

I'm playing around with a compiled javascript version of Graphviz (viz.js).

The dot language looked more web2.0 as I thought it would.
But, I was wondering why there is chosen for clusters not being able to set an 'id'?

The svg 'id' attribute is ideal for usage as a reference back to its original (non-graphvizualized (<-this should be a word :)) object.

You can set ids for clusters.

You can set ids for clusters. This was just missing from the documentation.

Cool, and its so easy, just

Cool, and its so easy, just specify "id"=" in the subgraph:

subgraph cluster_0 {
label="K_3,3" color=lightblue style=filled id=foobar
node [color=white]
{A B C} -- {D E F}

results in this part of ".svg" output:

<g id="foobar" class="cluster"><title>cluster_0</title>
<a xlink:href="" xlink:title="click for &quot;Kuratowski theorem&quot;">
<polygon fill="lightblue" stroke="lightblue" points="8,-224 8,-372 222,-372 222,-224 8,-224"></polygon>
<text text-anchor="middle" x="115" y="-355.4" font-family="Times,serif" font-size="14.00">K_3,3</text>


Hermann <GraphvizFiddle/>


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