Hi, I am asking my server company to install Graphviz so that I can use it however they use Cloudlinux - is this covered by any of the current GraphViz ports? (I am not experienced with *nix, I know there are redhat centos fedora etc. but do not know of compatibilities) I have been asked to find out

-Server requirements (We use CLOUDLINUX 6.6 and PHP up to 5.6)
-What permissions and ownership the software requires to run
-cpanel compatibility

I couldn't find out this information from the docs I could find, apologies if it covered somewhere already.

Many thanks

I've not encountered

I've not encountered cloudlinux befiore, but I gather that it is based on centos-6.6?   So with any luck our .el6 rpms should work.    Ask your provider to try this as root:

     cd /etc/yum.repos.d
     yum install graphviz 

The graphviz software needs to be installed by root,  but then the tools are in /usr/bin/ and can be used by any user.  No special permissions required.

I don't know what "cpanel" is.    We include a few tools that use Xwindows, but the core tools in graphviz are just command line utilities.

I think there are multiple ways that php can use graphviz.  If you have problems please write again with more details, but I recommend that you spend some time with graphviz' command line tools, such as /usr/bin/dot, before moving on to php.


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