charset problem with graphviz windows version

I have created a graphviz file from which I create a PDF, with the following command:
dot <inputfile> -T pdf -o <outputfile>
If I create my PDF everything looks fine but if I send this PDF to a Postscript
printer the characters inside the Graph are replaced, for example window by iiiiiii.
Also if I open the PDF under linux the character set is wrong.
I saved my graphviz file as an UFT8 file and set the fontname:
If I use the same file under linux this problem do not occur.
What can I do to fix this problem under windows?
best regards,
Content of the graphviz file:
digraph twoWindows {
// rankdir=LR
node [fillcolor="#E6E6FF", style=filled];
ROa [label = "RO^RA"];
ROb [label = "RO^RO"];
ROc [label = "RO^RO"];
ROd [label = "RO^RA"];
ROe [label = "RO^RO"];
ROf [label = "RO^RO"];
ROg [label = "RO^RA"];
ROh [label = "RO^RO"];
ROi [label = "RO^RO"];
RAa [label = "RA^FA"];
RAb [label = "RA^RA"];
RAc [label = "RA^RA"];
WIa [label = "WI^RO"]
WIb [label = "WI^RO"]
WIc [label = "WI^RO"]
WId [label = "WI^RO"]
WIe [label = "WI^RO"]
WIf [label = "WI^RO"]
WIg [label = "WI^RO"]
WIh [label = "WI^RO"]
WIi [label = "WI^RO"]
FA_A [label = "FA"]
FA_A -> RAa;
// floor 0
// window
RAa -> ROa -> WIa;
ROa -> ROb -> WIb;
ROb -> ROc -> WIc;
// floor 1
// window
RAa -> RAb -> ROd -> WId;
ROd -> ROe -> WIe;
ROe -> ROf-> WIf;
// floor 2
RAb -> RAc -> ROg -> WIg;
ROg -> ROh -> WIh;
ROh -> ROi -> WIi;

parentAnnotation_linux.pdf8.99 KB
parentAnnotation_win32.pdf42.39 KB

charset problem with graphviz

I have written the graphviz file and the fontname may be misunderstand by myself.
How can I set the fontname of the nodes. Charset should be by default UFT8 or?
I also tryed:
charset= "UTF-8";
Which change nothing.
I have inserted a bug report for my problem.

charset problem with graphviz

There is something definitely wrong with the Windows output. When I run dot on your file on Windows 7 using version 2.28 of Graphviz, the output is fine and the file is only about 13K, not 42K. Interestingly, when I view your parentAnnotation_win32.pdf file on the mac, there are characters missing, but when I view it on Windows, it looks fine.
Please submit a bug report at
By the way, I assume you miscopied or changed your source file, as fontname=arial will only affect graph labels, not node labels. This is what one sees in the Windows output, with the node labels in Times, but the node labels in the linux output are in arial.

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