Changing .exe to .gv

I want to draw minimum spanning tree in GraphViz using GVEdit in windows. I have written a C program on Kruskal's algorithm and the output of the C program is stored as an .exe. Now I want to convert this .exe to .gv and view the output in Graphviz.Please help me by providing hints as to what to write in GVEdit so as to make this conversion successful.
Waiting for your reply.

Why is the output of the C

Why is the output of the C program a .exe file? This should be some specification of the minimal spanning tree. In any case, whatever you do, if you want to view the graph using GVEdit, you will need to generate an ordinary text file whose contents describes your graph using the DOT language ( By convention, you can give this file a .gv suffix, to indicate that its contents conform to the DOT grammar. For examples, see You can click on a graph to pick a particular graph, and then click again to see the .gv file.

Using GVEdit, you can either enter the graph by hand, cut & paste, or use the File menu to load the file.

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