Change position of double headed arrows

Hi. I have a short script (see below) for a small diagraph consisting of three nodes, two as boxes (indicator1 & indicator2 ) and one as an ellipse (variable). The double headed variables for indicator 1 and indicator 2 labled with (delta1 & delta2) automatically are attached on top of the boxes of indicator1 and indicator2 but I want them on the right side of the boxes. How can I get that accomplished? I tried it with rankdir: "indicator1" -> "indicator1" [label="delta1" dir="both" rankdir="lr"]; but that didn't do the trick. Thanks a lot! version: Version 1.13 (16) digraph "measurement model" { rankdir=LR; size="8,8"; node [fontname="Verdana" fontsize=10 shape=box]; edge [fontname="Verdana" fontsize=8]; center=1; "variable" [shape=ellipse] "variable" -> "indicator1" [label="alpha1"]; "variable" -> "indicator2" [label="alpha2"]; "indicator1" -> "indicator1" [label="delta1" dir="both"]; "indicator2" -> "indicator2" [label="delta2" dir="both"]; } NULL

Change position of double

Use compass point ports:
"indicator1":e -> "indicator1":e [label="delta1" dir="both"];
"indicator2":e -> "indicator2":e [label="delta2" dir="both"];
The :e notation tells Graphviz to attach the edge to the east side of the node.

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