can i read text file into graphviz

i want to read a text file in graphviz, in that text file i have name of the employee and time of arrival to office,name and enter time are separated by @ symbol in text file now i want to read the text file and draw graph who came to office first second etc ..... for that i need to read the text file and i want only the name in variable ..can we do this ??>????

Graphviz is a collection of

Graphviz is a collection of software for drawing graphs. Its dot language is not a general-purpose language, but a simple, declarative language for graphs. You can use Graphviz to draw the output, but you will need other tools to read your text file and then create a graph for Graphviz to draw. Also note that you haven't specified what you want the final picture to look like. You need to figure out this, before you can create the graph.

The simplest way to do this is to use your favorite scripting language to read and process the text file and then generate the graph. The awk program would be ideal for what you want. You would then run

  awk -f mkgraph.awk input.txt | dot -Tpng > out.png

and you are done. 

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