can I load the mxgraph generated .xml file using graphviz

I have received a graph's xml file generated using mxgraph.

I don't have mxgraph installed but have graphviz library. Is it possible to render graph using graphviz?

Hi, I am attaching part of


I am attaching part of sample mxgraph.xml.

It has mxGraphMoel. There are 4 types of nodes in my case.

UserTask,Service Task, Symbol an Connector.

The location and color of eah box is available in xml.

The name maps to "lable" field of graphviz. The userTask,ServiceTask are represented by boxes. The Symbols represents the converge, diverge  as decision points with *, + on the chart.

Connector joins the source and destinations

I have to create .dot file from the  sample file above.

I hv removed some part of the original and file,.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><mxGraphModel>


<mxCell id="0"/>

<mxCell id="1" parent="0"/>

<Symbol id="216" name="Start" type="Start">

<mxCell parent="1" style="ellipse;editable=0;fillColor=#FFFFFF;gradientColor=#00FF00;strokeColor=#000000;strokeWidth=2;;image=jGraph/images/ellipse.gif" vertex="1">

<mxGeometry as="geometry" height="50" width="50" x="90" y="40"/>



<UserTask id="222" name="Name1" type="User Task" screen="/screen1.jsf">

<mxCell parent="1" style="rounded=1;gradientColor=#FF99CC;fillColor=#FFFFFF;strokeWidth=2;strokeColor=#000000;indicatorShape=actor;indicatorWidth=15;indicatorHeight=15;indicatorColor=black;imageVerticalAlign=top;imageAlign=center;verticalAlign=bottom;editable=1;" vertex="1">

<mxGeometry as="geometry" height="50" width="140" x="240" y="40"/>



<ServiceTask service="Name2Svc" id="223" name="Name2" type="Simulation">

<mxCell parent="1" style="rounded=1;editable=1;fillColor=#FFFFFF;gradientColor=#00FFFF;strokeWidth=2;strokeColor=#000000;" vertex="1">



<Connector id="241" name="">

<mxCell edge="1" parent="1" source="237" style="straight" target="238">

<mxGeometry as="geometry" height="100" width="100" x="628.571428571429" y="45">

<mxPoint as="sourcePoint" x="780" y="90"/>

<mxPoint as="targetPoint" x="728.571428571429" y="45"/>









The short answer is no; we

The short answer is no; we have converters for gxl, gml, graphml and matrix market formats. (We have one for chaco also, but it's not in the distribution.), but not whatever mxGraph produces. I did a quick search and couldn't find any documentation on the file format used by mxGraph. If you can give me a pointer to this, I can take a look.

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