can I get these kind of arrows

Hi guys,

my dad told me this is a good place to ask questions on graphviz. So here is mine. I'd like to use edges in the style of php weathermap (with two arrowheads meeting one another in the middle). like in .

My idea is to ape this weathermap style as weathermap itself doesnt have automatic layout, yet graphviz does (and my boss seems to want this style, unfortunately).


Sorry, there is nothing like

Sorry, there is nothing like this available in Graphviz. Edges are often drawn as splines or polylines, so the edges are all represented by lines and curves, with possibly a thick pen width. You can use Graphviz to produce a layout, and then use the position information to draw the output. You could go a step further, and use Graphviz to produce svg output. You could then write code to replace the edges with the style of drawing you are after.

By the way, do you view the two meeting arrows as one edge or two? If one, then you would need some additional mechanism to handle the two labels.

How is the width of the arrow deteremined? And how do you figure which edges have two arrows and which have none?

Another approach would be to use Graphviz to lay out the graph, then run the output through gvpr using a script that removes the edges and replaces them with the desired representations as a background image in xdot. You'd still have to work out the geometric details, but you would have to do this anyway, and with this approach you get the logic and rendering for free.

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