Can 'dot' be run without system-wide installation?

Hello graphvisers,

I have downloaded and built graphviz-2.38.0 (gd and pangocairo libraries are present and have been recognized by 'configure') on Linux. Everything works fine if I also install it (with 'make install').
But I want to preserve my system-wide dot (which is another version), and do some testing with a local installation.

$ cmd/dot/dot -v
lt-dot - graphviz version 2.38.0 (20140413.2041)
There is no layout engine support for "dot"
Perhaps "dot -c" needs to be run (with installer's privileges) to register the plugins?

'cmd/dot/dot -c' does not change this. So, I cannot test any real input.

How should 'dot' be run without system-wide installation?

When you ran configure, you

When you ran configure, you presumably specified --prefix=<dir> where <dir> will be your local installation directory. When you run 'make install' the dot binary will be placed in <dir>/bin and the libraries will be placed in <dir>/lib and <dir>/lib/graphviz. In particular, dot -c generates the current configuration file and places it in <dir>/lib/graphviz/config6. If your dot executable is in cmd/dot, when dot is run, it is going to look for the configuration file in <libdir>/graphviz by default, where <libdir> is the directory containing libgvc. You can where libgvc is for dot by running ldd (linux) or otool -L (macs).

If you have changed the relative placement, you can use the environment variable GVBINDIR to specify the directory containing the config6 file and all of the plugins.

Re: Can 'dot' be run without system-wide installation?cmd/

You can also "./configure --enable-static"  which will build a "dot-static" with most useful plugins already included.     To run it as neato, use "dot-static -Kneato",  and similarly for the other layout engines.

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