C and Graphviz

I'm working on a fuzzy pattern recognition system where, fuzzy relations, are represented by matrices.

We can look at such fuzzy matrices as adjacency matrices for directed graphs.

What I need to do is to draw the digraph related to a particular fuzzy matrix.

Is is possible to do this directly from my C code ?

Thank you in advance.

I am new to graphviz. I am having following doubts.

I am a ubuntu user. How to run the programs in Gallery from terminal. What is the command to run the below program.

digraph G {

subgraph cluster_0 {
node [style=filled,color=white];
a0 -> a1 -> a2 -> a3;
label = "process #1";

subgraph cluster_1 {
node [style=filled];
b0 -> b1 -> b2 -> b3;
label = "process #2";
start -> a0;
start -> b0;
a1 -> b3;
b2 -> a3;
a3 -> a0;
a3 -> end;
b3 -> end;

start [shape=Mdiamond];
end [shape=Msquare];

Assuming the file cluster.gv

Assuming the file cluster.gv contains the graph input, you would run

   dot -Tsvg cluster.gv > cluster.svg

Of course, you can replace svg with any of the supported output formats; see http://www.graphviz.org/content/output-formats

Sure, just use the Graphviz

Sure, just use the Graphviz graph library to create a directed graph from your matrix, and then layout and render the graph. See the Graphviz library manual for more details:


graph.dll is missing

hi,now I want to use graphviz as a libray in C program.I do the work as the libguide.pdf.

The library version is graphviz-2.34,I use it in VC6.0 in win7.There is an error when I run the simple.c from libguide.pdf.The error message is "graph.dll is missing",how can I deal with it?



As of Graphviz 2.30, one

As of Graphviz 2.30, one should use cgraph.dll  rather than graph.dll.

Try copying cgraph.dll and

Try copying cgraph.dll and rename it to graph.dll, it worked for me :-/

Missing layout plugins?

Ok,thanks a lot for your reply.

There is an another question after I resolve the above problem.

The error message is as blow:

     Error:Layout was not done.Missing layout plugins?

I have added all dll files into my project,how can I resolve the new question?

Thanks in advance!





Are you using the Graphviz

Are you using the Graphviz tree as installed from the Windows package, or are you using copies of the dll's placed elsewhere? The way the plugins work is that when you call gvContext() or another function to get a GVC_t value, the function can figure out where gvc.dll is located. It assumes that all of the plugins are also in that directory, as well as a file called config6, which describes all of the plugins available for that installation. The standard installation sets this up correctly, so if you are using that, something is seriously wrong. On the other hand, if you have moved the dll's, make sure the directory with gvc.dll also contains the config6 file and the various plugins.

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