bug in libxdot

well, thanks to yesterday got advice, now I should able to use xdot for my Qt rendering, but I've found a bug in parseRect function:

line 161 of xdot.c should read

rp->h = strtod (s, &endp);

or the h field get a random value...
I wonder how many people actually uses parseXDot functions family...

I'm sorry I'm not experienced with bug report, seems overkill to learn it now.

HTH Carlo

Thanks for pointing this out.

Thanks for pointing this out. The fix will appear in tomorrow's working version.

The xdot library is a fairly recent addition and xdot is trivial, so most user's of the xdot format write their own parser.

bug in libxdot

Immediatly after I pushed the [save] button, I recalled:

another small problem, that required a fair amount of time to solve: I must write

extern "C" {
#include <graphviz/xdot.h>

or I get a linker error. What made me wasting so much time is that I started wondering about versions - installed from repo, then updated by source, compare dates of other libraries, etc...

 I was in a tarpit full of details (and doubts)

Please make the interface the same as other libraries.


bye Carlo

bug in libxdot

Hi erg, thanks for your answer.

There is another problem: the lowercase 't' (font characteristic) isn't recognized at all, but since there is not declaration in <graphviz/xdot.h>, the solution is more involved.

I agree it's trivial, but if you interested I could contribute a patch.

bye Carlo

I have put the C++ wrapper in

I have put the C++ wrapper in and added support for the 't' op. Thanks.

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