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Hello Erg,

Thank you so much. I report below the graph and SVG file.

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It would be helpful if you

Submitted by erg on Tue, 11/04/2014 - 03:12.

Many Thanks!

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The problem is that your

The problem is that your input repeats nodes, so the later attributes cancel out the earlier ones. For example, you have the 3 lines

NHLPOP082G01_GOP08232_010 [shape=record, label="GOP08232_010 \n PRG", color=green, tooltip="
NHLPOP082G01_GOP08233_050 -> NHLPOP082G01_GOP08232_010 ;
NHLPOP082G01_GOP08232_010 [shape=record, label="GOP08232_010 \n PRG", color=green, tooltip=""];

There are two references to the node NHLPOP082G01_GOP08232_010, with the second one having tooltip="", so the earlier tooltip value is lost.

Two suggestions: as I mentioned before, for svg it can be helpful to use style=filled so the node's tooltip is active everywhere within the node, and unless you are going to use the record features, you are better using shape=box instead if you just want a rectangular shape.

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