any experts in Mac pkgbuild out there?

We're interested in changing the build process to use libraries executables produced by Macports or Homebrew (since the support libraries graphviz needs are generally up to date), and just package them using the standard tools.  We might also want to put the support libraries in though the complexity of DLL relocation might be too much for us.

Does anyone know much about this?

Stephen North

I could possibly help

I don't know your current build process, but I do know Mac packaging and have done exactly what you are contemplating for a couple of internal tools.  It's not really too difficult, but can require tweaking the library compiles or final executables if they have additional dependencies.  It can be scripted into a build phase once the libraries are in place.  I would be happy to look at it or at least provide some information.

I could possibly help with this

I haven't looked at anything about the current build process, but I do know about packaging for Macs.  I've done exactly what you are contemplating.  I'd be happy to at least provide information.  Packaging the dynamic libraries is not really too difficult and can be scripted in the build process - you just have to get the pointers to them right.  I usually try to do custom static compiles myself using the Homebrew formulas for guidance, especially if the libraries have their own dependencies.

Mac build / packaging

Thank you for responding. What we would like to do is build the software including using Macports or Homebrew, then take the build products plus dependencies (of which there can be many) and put all that in the install package, so when it is installed they land in "the right place" which is possibly not where Macports or Homebrew had them since they may not be installed on the target machine and it might be impolite to taint /usr on an otherwise pristine machine - probably everthing should go under /Applications at least, possibly even that should be changable at install time. What do you think?


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