Animated graphs, such as flowchart, decision tree


I'm newbie at GraphViz, I'm looking how to create animated graphs, in particular flowchart, decision tree.

Some examples:

How can I create animated graphs?


If you want to animate

If you want to animate graphviz layout you may do it "old school" like by this method:

  • modife input file slighlty to create the frames of your animation with "-Tgif"
  • use gifsicle to create an animated .gif from the generated frame .gif files

I used gifsicle a lot in the past to do fancy chess game animations. In conjunction with an iframe around the animated .gif and by using the frame .gif files in addition I was able to toggle between "play" and "single-step" mode which is not possible with animated .gif alone:

  • select a game and click "load" to see the selected game
  • click ▇ to stop animation and enter single-step mode
  • click ▶ to start animation again

Pawn2knight.gif animation is used in Wikipedia chess problem page.

Hermann<GraphvizFiddle/> <Viz.js_form10/>.

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