Adding url to a dot file and subsequently opening the url for example by clicking on the node formed

Right now what I am doing is that i have a dot file from which ps or pdf file is been created very easily.
In one of the nodes in the dot file code, i have given a URL along with the label.
This was done so that on button click at that node, that specified url opens up.
But the url isnt working in my dot language. And, secondly which software should i use were on button click on the node shows up the url.
I am working on the latest version of Ubuntu.
Thanking You

url is not working...

Hi, I cannot this to work on Windows:

digraph Application {


    node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor="#C0D0C0"];

    subgraph clusterClient {

       label="Client"; style=filled; bgcolor="#D0C0A0";



    subgraph clusterServer {

       label="Server"; style=filled; bgcolor="#D0C0A0";

       "App" [url=""];

       "Database" [shape=box,peripheries=0];


    "Browser" -> "App" [label="HTTP",color=blue];

    "App" -> "Database" [label="SQL"];



...then I called:

dosprompt> dot -Tps2

dosprompt> ps2pdf

dosprompt> test.pdf


The ps-file does not contain any info about the url.

I can (obviously?) not use the link in the resulting pdf-file.


Can anybody tell me how to make the links work in Windows?  

Otherwise I might have to use other software, and I'd really like to use Graphviz...


Kind regards,

André Damslora, Norway

URL is case-sensitive

I tried your example on OS/X and it did not work.
Then I changed the case to uppercase ie:
  "App" [URL=""];
That works with the ps2 and svg formats!


I got the answer from another friend and forgot to follow up.
It works fine with URLs when upper case was used.

Adding url to a dot file and

Take a look at the description at Let us know if this isn't clear.
For client-side maps, the browser often indicates the URL on mouse-over. For both cases, a button click will fire off the associated action.

not clear

thank you for the suggestion. i have already seen the link u suggested. but i could not understand the whole thing.
i created the x.gv and respectively the two output files ( n x.gif) got created.
i also created an html file which imported the image x.gif and base referenc opened i.e on clicking anywhere on the image the file opened.
but i could not understand the client part i.e the mapping part.
how will the url specified in the nodes and edges of the digraph work.
please help 

not clear

Did this ever get resolved, or did you give up?

Thanks a lot! ..but another Q:

I got the case sensitivity resolved.  
Now, the next question is how the resulting graph (with functioning linkes) can be included in MS Office docs.
They used to support SVG through Adopes SVGview, but this solution seems to be removed ( it because Msoft wants to sell more Visio licenses?  G.. knows..)
Any idea?   After days of search and trials I still haven't found a solution which doesn't require my colleagues to install several helper applications on their laptops.  I'd wanted to avoid that, otherwise it is too difficult to use in our organization.
NB! You might want to move this question to another thread...feel free to do so....and close this thread which really had a short and precise answer :-)
--André (a sworn loyalist to open source software but who has to adapt to a MS dominated environment)

Thanks a lot! ..but another Q:

The only semi-automated hooks we have for creating clickable graphs rely on PDF, SVG or image maps as used in a web page. I have no idea what is involved in getting the graph included in a Word doc. I'm also not sure how much traffic the forum has. I will post your query to the graphviz-interest mailing list If I get an answer, I can reply here but you might consider joining the list, if just to make sure I am asking the right question.

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