adding edge labels: fails to render

digraph G {

subgraph cluster_1{
A;B;C; D;
subgraph cluster_2{
A->B [minlen=0,label=1000 ];
A->C [minlen=0,label=1000 ];
A->D [minlen=0,label=1000 ];
B->C [minlen=0,label=1000 ];
B->D [minlen=0,label=1000 ];
C->D [minlen=0,label=1000 ];

E->F [minlen=0,label=1000 ];
E->G [minlen=0 ];
E->H [minlen=0 ];
F->G [minlen=0,label=1000 ];
F->H [minlen=0 ];
G->H [minlen=0,label=1000 ];
A->E [minlen=3,label=1000 ];
B->F [minlen=3,label=1000 ];
C->G [minlen=3,label=1000 ];
D->H [minlen=3,label=1000 ];

Adding a label for E->G (or the other two edges) fails to render.

Greetings. We have a formal

Greetings. We have a formal bug reporting system on this website. It collects information we need, such as what release of Graphviz you are using, on what operating system.  Please can you file a formal bug report?  I did not see any failure to render on the current version of Graphviz built on my Macbok. 

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