Absolute position of title block?

For a neater presentation and easier understanding of a dot output graph, I am including a title node (with time/date information on when the graph was created, etc.) which is unconnected with the rest of my graph. However, this title node is just near the top center of my output sitting near my first node, and I would like to specify an absolute location for it, if possible. Ideally I'd like to be able to locate it in the top right (or bottom right) of the rectangular area covered by my graph.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Absolute position of title

Are you actually using a node for the title? Why not use the graph label attribute? With this, you can use the labelloc and labeljust attributes to specify the relative placement of the label. For even finer control, you will need to position the label via postprocessing using gvpr or some similar tool.

Absolute position of title

Although this does seem to be working for the most part for what I want, can I use HTML-style formatting in this attribute? I've tried a variety of syntax and it only appears to be working with plain text data.

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