Absolute position of nodes?

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to place nodes manually using pos, but the position doesn't change no matter what I put in there.

Here is my code: http://paste.ubuntu.com/706074/

It should be like this:
Node 1 top-left, Node 2 top-right
Node 3 bottom-left, Node 4 bottom-right

I'm using the ubuntu package for graphviz, dot version 2.26.3

Thank you for your help

Absolute position of nodes?

Most of the Graphviz layout programs ignore the pos attribute on input. Only fdp and neato make use of that information. If you are really going to specify all node positions, consider just using neato -n. This avoids layout altogether. (neato -n does assume pos information is given in points.)

Absolute position of nodes?

 I have tried with version 2.28.0 but I still have the same problem

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