About the automatic layout algorithm

I want to find the source code or document of the circo layout algorithm . If someone knows ,please tell me ,thanks !

See the note on circo on the

See the note on circo on the About page http://www.graphviz.org/About.php. More specifically,

 *   Six and Tollis, "A Framework for Circular Drawings of
 * Networks", GD '99, LNCS 1731, pp. 107-116;
 *   Six and Tollis, "Circular Drawings of Biconnected Graphs",
 * Proc. ALENEX '99, pp 57-73.
 *   Kaufmann and Wiese, "Maintaining the Mental Map for Circular
 * Drawings", GD '02, LNCS 2528, pp. 12-22.


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