Neato has unnecessary edge crossings, or has missed an obvious chance to make a much nicer layout.

Neato and all similar virtual physical model algorithms rely on heuristic solutions of optimization problems. The better the solution, the longer it takes to find. Unfortunately, it is also possible for these heuristics to get stuck in local minima. Also, it is heavily influenced by the initial position of the nodes. It is quite possible that if you run neato again, but with a different random seed value, or more iterations, you'll get a better layout. For example:

  • neato -Gstart=5 file.dot -Tps -o file.ps
    neato -Gepsilon=.0000001 file.dot -Tps -o file.ps

In particular, note that there are no guarantees that neato will produce a planar layout of a planar graph, or expose all or most of a graph's symmetries.

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