Where can I discuss Graphviz?


We run a mailing list.

To subscribe or unsubscribe, visit the graphviz-interest mailman control page. See also the general instructions for mailman.

You can also see the archive.

You may wish to use a Yahoo or Hotmail account if you're concerned about spam. We also run anti-spam filters, and rewrite @ as at to keep verbatim addresses out of the archive.

Please, please, please, do not torment the mailing list with beginner's questions. First, check this FAQ and the message archive carefully. Because Graphviz software is made available without charge, our resources for routine support are very limited. If you run into software build problems with the stable release, you could also try the current development snapshot. If you are desperate, or better yet, if you have constructive advice, please send a message to the graphviz-devel mailing list. (Note that our local buildlogs are also online.)

Also, if a program crashes or you get an abort or something strange occurs and you are fairly comfortable using the tools:


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