How can I get 3D output?

The Graphviz authors have qualms about the gratuitous use of 3D.

Nonetheless, dot -Tvrml generates VRML files. There's no Z coordinate layout - you specify Z coords yourself in the z attribute of nodes, and the Z coordinates of edges are interpolated. If someone contributes a driver for a newer, more useful format (OpenGL Performer scene graphs? Open Scene Graphs? Java3D programs?) we'd like to try it.

neato internally supports layouts in higher dimensions through the dim attribute, e.g. neato -Gdim=7 but there's no way to get the output unless you invoke neato as a library and inspect ND_pos(n)[i] where n is a pointer to the relevant node. This would need some (minor) driver work and a good 7-dimensional viewer. Well, dim=3 ought to be possible.

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