Qt rendering, via xdot

Hi all

I published on github a new library (https://github.com/CapelliC/loqt),
rendering xdot to Qt. There is also an example GUI.

It's of course a WIP towards some fresh view on (SWI)Prolog.
You will need a (very!) recent version of libxdot...

The easier way: open lqXDot_test.pro with QtCreator (I used Qt 4.8)

Enjoy !

bye Carlo

gvFreeLayout leakage

I think gvFreeLayout doesn't delete bb attribute on root graph, or maybe xdot rendering keeps duplicating them.

Dumping xdot _draw_ attribute from root Agraph_t* I get

(first call)

0xdc7200 _draw_ c 7 -#ffffff C 7 -#ffffff P 4 0 0 0 140 142 140 142 0

(second call)
0xdc7200 _draw_ c 7 -#ffffff C 7 -#ffffff P 4 0 0 0 140 142 140 142 0 c 7 -#ffffff C 7 -#ffffff P 4 0 0 0 140 142 140 142 0

(third call)

bug in libxdot

well, thanks to yesterday got advice, now I should able to use xdot for my Qt rendering, but I've found a bug in parseRect function:

line 161 of xdot.c should read

rp->h = strtod (s, &endp);

or the h field get a random value...
I wonder how many people actually uses parseXDot functions family...

I'm sorry I'm not experienced with bug report, seems overkill to learn it now.

HTH Carlo

cgraph rendering of HTML labels

I'm working on a Qt based rendering, using library cgraph, and I'm stuck on HTML labels.

Since I installed Graphviz from source, I noticed that the include with htmllabel_t (htmltable.h) is meant to be private.
Then I tried to generate the xdot attributes, using

if (gvLayout(c.context, c.graph, QString("%1:xdot").arg(algo).toUtf8().data()) == 0)

that seems to work (no error reported), but I don't get any _draw_ or _ldraw_ attached to Agnode_t*.

I'm unable to spot in documentation how to generate such attributes.

Any help welcome.

TIA Carlo

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