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error: Problems running dot: exit code=-1, command='dot'

Hi folks,

I've just updated graphviz to the latest version and not dot has stopped working. Doxygen (in my case) reports the following:

error: Problems running dot: exit code=-1, command='dot'

With the previous version I was running (2.28) all was well. Any chance of being able to download that?

Does anyone know if there is an easy fix for this, or if there's a setting somewhere which can get me up and running again? Hopefully this is just a matter of installing the the packages in the right order or something trivial like that.

Any help is welcome.

Best wishes,


Windows 7 graphviz not working


Graphviz conversion was working for XP but I upgraded to W7 and now getting the following error:

Warning: syntax error in line 2 near '.3'

The content of the file is:

digraph shockShockS1Callee {
ShockS1 [shape=box,style=filled,.7 .3 1.0]
Timer2_ISR -> ShockS1

Has the command syntax changed for W7?



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