Manual install from .zip on Windows: PATH problem?


I've installed Graphviz using the .zip archive (can't run .msi files on my computer)

I've added d:\utils\GraphViz\ to the %PATH%

When I try to run dot.exe from the command line I get:

$ d:/utils/GraphViz/bin/dot.exe -Tpng -o data.png
(dot.exe:6380): Pango-WARNING **: `/target/lib/pango/1.6.0/modules/pango-basic-win32.dll': cannot find the specified module.

So, I guess there's either a config file to edit or more %PATH% to set? Any help greatly appreciated!

circo missing in graphviz-2.31.20130220 MSI

I installed via the instructions on the Windows install page (also 2.30 stable) from the msi, and I notices that circo isn't in the bin directory in either install.

I've double-checked and have found circogen in the C:\Program Files\Graphviz2.31\lib\release\lib, but no circo.exe.
I've seen nothing in the bug reports to indicate this is a bug.

Is this on purpose?

Kind regards,
artie effim

charset problem with graphviz windows version

I have created a graphviz file from which I create a PDF, with the following command:
dot <inputfile> -T pdf -o <outputfile>
If I create my PDF everything looks fine but if I send this PDF to a Postscript
printer the characters inside the Graph are replaced, for example window by iiiiiii.
Also if I open the PDF under linux the character set is wrong.
I saved my graphviz file as an UFT8 file and set the fontname:
If I use the same file under linux this problem do not occur.

Recompile GraphViz under windows, looking for a working DSW set

I would like to integrate Graphviz in my personal project. I am looking for a working set of the standard Graphviz solution with a Windows DSW file that compiles, specifically the DOT solution. Would be greatly appreciated! Kind regards, Eduard Smits

graphviz 2.26.3 install fails on win server 2003 R2 64-bit service pack 2

Is graphviz 2.26.3 supported on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bit?

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