distance function used by twopi

According to the twopi documentation, a node N at distance K of the root will be in the Kth circle. However, it seems that this distance is computed by ignoring the direction of the arrows. For instance, in
digraph g {
 s0 -> s1;
 s0 -> s2;
 s1 -> s3;
 s2 -> s4;
 s4 -> s0;
s4 is in the 1st circle instead of being in the 2nd since dist(s0,s4) = 2 (s0 -> s2 -> s4).

Making graph human friendly/readable (500 nodes, 1600 edges)

# First time posting, sorry if this is double-post! 
I have decided to lear DOT language, which looks fantastic. I decided to make a project for making a graph for RPM building. I scan all the recipes to build RPM packages and also add information about required patches and imports. Currently my graph has <500 nodes and >1600, and the size should be stable +/- 50-100 nodes/edges from time to time.
Here is what I have now:
* (sfdp)

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