Need to control edge length in directed dot graph

Is there a way to use pydot to generate a directed tree graph (using python) that looks like "normal tree graphs" where every node of the same depth displays at the same depth, and every edge is at some angle (not straight down)?

When I use these defaults:

graph = pydot.Dot(graph_type='digraph', nodesep=.75)
graph.set_node_defaults(style="filled", fillcolor="grey")
graph.set_edge_defaults(color="blue", arrowhead="vee", weight="0")

Mindmap layout

I would like to reproduce a mindmap using graphviz.

Generate a directory tree with dot

I want to generate a simple directory tree, but i can not move the nodes under there root nodes.
This is what I get (Tree with Graphviz):

This is what I want (Tree with Paint):

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