Tcldot 2.30.1

Segmentation fault in Tcldot

Getting segmentation fault when calling setnodeattribute under Linux

In a wish window:

% package require Tcldot
% set c [canvas .c]
% pack $c
% set g [dotnew digraph rankdir LR]
% $g setnodeattribute style filled color white
Segmentation fault

I had code that was doing a similar thing running under Solaris on an earlier version of Tcldot 1.10 without any issues.

Anybody know what the problem could be?

Tcldot in 2.30.1

I am new to this form, but am a long time Graphviz user, mostly using Graphviz via the Tcldot package.
The company I work for has several internal tools that use Graphviz/Tcldot. Over time many of the users have migrated to MacOsX Mountain Lion, which means that the only available Graphviz package for easy download from is 2.30.1.

However, the migration of the Graphviz code from 2.28 to 2.30.1 has been far from smooth. I have created several bugs that are readily visible to even the minimal usage of the code;

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