Node layout using html

Hi all, I'm using graphviz to draw a graph a squash players that play together. The current graph contains players photo or name whether the picture is available or not ( I would like to enhance that display using HTML in nodes to display and layout addition information (picture, name, rank, etc) and add links to let players not directly connected to contact each others.

Help with embedding svg files

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to create a graph that has svg images embedded within it, and then output the whole thing as an svg image, and I've been running into some issues.

I'm using graphviz version 2.30.1

Here is a small example of the type of dot file that I'm creating that reproduces the problem for me.

digraph "" {
graph [bgcolor=transparent, fontcolor=black, ratio=fill, splines=TRUE, rank=same, size="6.99,6.99", rankdir=TB];
node [label="\N", shape = none, fillcolor=transparent, fontcolor=black, fontsize=16, height="1.5", width="1.0", labelloc=b];

How to generate raw SVG output without HTTP headers?

I use Image_Graphviz library to dynamically generate SVG output with PHP. I need this SVG to be part of an existing HTML document. But methods image() and fetch() both send HTTP headers. I just need the raw SVG part generated into DIV element. How to make such a raw SVG output without HTTP headers (!DOCTYPE ...) ?

Is external css possible for SVG output


Is it possible to add a reference to an external css file in the SVG output

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/css" href="foo.css" ?>




Data URI

Is it possible to use the [image] tag to embed a data URI string?
i.e. (should display a red dot image)


I have made some images :
In svg checker there are some  errors :
Line 2, Column 33: there is no attribute "class"
Line 295, Column 10: end tag for "ul" which is not finished
Line 320, Column 10: end tag for "ul" which is not finished
Is it coused by dot ?

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