Create subgraph without an additional node

Hello everyone,

I am somehow new to Graphviz, used it for a little while, but don't know some advanced features.

Here is what I want: I want to create a subgraph without creating an additional node. Now if I have a subgraph, the subgraph will be displayed next to the main graph, and a symbolic node representing the subgraph will be added to the main graph. I now want that in the main graph the subgraph links directly into main one. Of course in this case the outline of the subgraph will be drawn, and the edge to the subgraph will link to the outline.

subgraph's label style

If I create subgraph as follow,

subgraph cluster1 {
color = white;
label = "process #2";
b0 [shape=ellipse];

can I change style of label "process #2" to be bold?

How to manage subgraph by nodes rather than by edges?

Most of output of graph partition algorithm is sub graphs which is based on node( or vertex) group. An example is subgraph1:{a0, a1,a3}, subgraph:{a4,a5}.

However, the subgraph in graphviz is defined by edges. e.g.:
subgraph cluster_c0 {a0 -> a1;}

Is it possible to draw a graph with subgraphs which are defined by nodes?
Thanks a lot!

Subgraph attributes

The documentation gives a fair bit of information about nodes and their attributes. However the documentation about what one can do with subgraphs and clusters is pretty sparse. Is there a document somewhere that talks more about subgraphs?

Among other things, I'd like to control the sizing of my subgraphs and spacing between. Also I'd like to have a hyperlink (URL) for the entire subgraph (not just the nodes therein). Is this possible? If so how.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

Jonny L.

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