segmentation fault

Dot segmentation faults in Windows

This one took me awhile to track down, but the attached file (in .dot format) crashes in Windows. I am using gvedit 2.34 (msi installer, downloaded today), Windows 7, 64 bit.

I tried to post this to your bug tracker but I couldn't see where to register... unless registering for these forums did it automatically. If so, whoops!

gvLayout throwing a segmentation fault

Hi, I am getting a segmentation fault after running this small piece of code. Hope someone can help me. Unfortunately, I did not find any debugging symbols to see where gvLayout was failing:
Agraph_t * graph = agread(in_file, NULL);
GVC_t * gvc;
gvc = gvContext();
gvLayout(gvc, graph, "neato");

I have attached the file from which I read the graph. Thanks in advance

Workaround for splines=ortho crash?


An issue has been reported by several users in which for some graphs setting "splines = ortho" causes dot to crash. See for example issues

Does anyone have a workaround for this issue?


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