Need to control edge length in directed dot graph

Is there a way to use pydot to generate a directed tree graph (using python) that looks like "normal tree graphs" where every node of the same depth displays at the same depth, and every edge is at some angle (not straight down)?

When I use these defaults:

graph = pydot.Dot(graph_type='digraph', nodesep=.75)
graph.set_node_defaults(style="filled", fillcolor="grey")
graph.set_edge_defaults(color="blue", arrowhead="vee", weight="0")

Limiting number of nodes in a row

Is there any way to limit the number of nodes in a row in dot? For example, I have 100 nodes and I want to limit it to 5 nodes per row so the result will contain 20 rows.


I've been generating a graph with subgraphs using gv_python. However, the bounding box and the label of the subgraph does not appear. Anyone who has an idea? This is the .dot file generated.
digraph "6866-dev_all" {
node [label="\N"];
graph [fontname=helvetica,

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