Need to control edge length in directed dot graph

Is there a way to use pydot to generate a directed tree graph (using python) that looks like "normal tree graphs" where every node of the same depth displays at the same depth, and every edge is at some angle (not straight down)?

When I use these defaults:

graph = pydot.Dot(graph_type='digraph', nodesep=.75)
graph.set_node_defaults(style="filled", fillcolor="grey")
graph.set_edge_defaults(color="blue", arrowhead="vee", weight="0")

Graphviz graphs in a Django web application


I am fairly new to Graphviz and was wondering if someone could help me out/ point me somewhere.

I've been trying to integrate Graphviz into my Django web application using python. I was able to do so by creating static images using pydot and then outputting them onto the application. However, I would like to make my graphs more interactive (click-able nodes, highlighting of nearby nodes, being able to drag and drop a node etc).

An example of what I want from Graphviz is done in JUNG here:

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