different ports are located exactly at the same place

Hi, Within the following example, I am enable to distinguish port1 and port2. digraph "test"{ node [shape=rect margin=0.2]; A->B [sametail=port1] A->C [sametail=port1] B->A [samehead=port2] C->A [sametail=port2] } Any Idea ? Thanks.

[dot] edge bend outside, not inside

Hi @all,

I have troble with the graph at the end of this post. There is an overlapping edge (the last colored one) which could be avoided easily.

How can I tell DOT to prefere drawing edges (nodes are in one line) below (without ports)?

Required is:
- no use of ports (e.g. "s" in this example)
- usage of the shown rank=same

Doesn't matter if:
- edges have to increase the size of the image (would be the case in my example)

How to force edge ports to be different

Hi all,

I am writing a utility to take the output from a freeware profiler (Sleepy) and to convert it to input for dot, so I can get a visual comparison of runs of my program.

On the whole it seems to be working, but I have a list of things I'd like to be able to do that I can't immediately see how. I've googled around and read the FAQ and couldn't see answers to these, but please bear with me if there is something I've missed.

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