png not recongnize

I get the error in redhat 5.7.

I installed graphviz from sourc,

./configure --with-libpng=/usr/include/libpng16/

but I cannot find the png flag

digcola: Yes
expat: No (missing library)
fontconfig: No (missing fontconfig-config)
freetype: No (missing freetype-config)
glut: No (missing GL/glut.h)
ann: No (ANN library not available)
gts: No (gts library not available)
ipsepcola: No (disabled by default - C++ portability issues)
ltdl: Yes
ortho: Yes

Custom node shapes

I would like to create and use custom shapes that can be modified with node attr. (e.g. penwidth to modify the custom node lines width) I am trying an already working example from to experiment and create such kind of nodes, but without much success.

Example 1, the generic example works:
$ dot -Tps2 -l -o
$ ps2pdf sample.pdf

Example 2:
$ dot -Tps2 -l -Tpng -o sample-ps.png
$ feh sample-ps.png

How to transform/scale GV ordinates to PNG ordinates


I've have been trying to generate a Graphviz graph, to be displayed on a web page and then overlay clickable regions onto the image so that I can click on particular nodes and do something clever with it.

My problem is translating the ordinates used by Graphviz into genuine xy ordinates that relate to the generated PNG image. I know this issue has been mentioned several times in the past on this and other forums, but I've not managed to find a solution (such that there are) that actually works, or detailed enough to use.

Generating images with dot file


I'm trying to generate a png image out of a dot file but the command returns a segmentation fault. This is a large graph, a graph containing about 2k+ nodes. Any ideas on how to solve this?

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