How to generate graph using php?

On the web, there are already some plugins available to integrate GraphViz with WordPress. However, they all require an installation of some .dot executable on the web server host. My hosting provider refuses to install additional packages, what I can understand from a security and stability view.

Still, I would like to show GraphViz rendered dot images on my site.

Any suggestions on how to integrate the dot renderer with a php environment?

graphViz in php

I have a huge database to display in graph representation. I need to draw graphs dynamically in php. I have been googling for possible ready solutions for graph layout  creating. Found that graphviz would be nice to use.
But I cannot find anywhere some tutorial for beginners how to start using it in php.
I have installed GraphViz, but nothing works. I dont want to use commandline for programming. I cannot implement it in php files.
No step-by-step userguid in the internet.
Someone help me please!!

Centos graphviz-php problems

Hi all,
Is anyone having problems installing the graphviz-php lib on Centos 5?
I've manage to configure the lib on Ubuntu, but I'm having problems enabling it on Centos 5.
I've configured the extension with the library. But the phpinfo() functions does not show the gv library and my code fails with a 'Class gv is not found'.
Thanks for the help.

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