Equal nodes?

Is there a way to tell dot that a node and another one are the same, even if they have different labels?

I have these nodes (which are names of sets)

(q0 q2 q1)

(q0 q1 q2)

Also, I have these two:

(q2 q1) (q1 q2)

So, in set theory, they're equivalent.

But Dot doesn't know that, so instead, it creates 2 different nodes. I could make the combinations of items in the sets, and then put them there but Dot draws them even if there's no edge that leads to them.

Is there a way to:

SVG file hover over node text


Can anymore help.

I want to display a Node with text for example 'Office' , but when you hover mouse over it, to bring up more information, for example "Office 555-122" as at the moment can only seem to get Office to appear on the hover over.

So differnet Node can have extra text displayed when the mouse is over the node.

Im using SVG file format, as would like to view in a web browser.

Hope someone can offer an example.

How to create nodes in a vertical column?

How to create nodes in a vertical column?

I don't see a location, x or y attribute.

How to export nodes coordinates after plotting a graph?


How can I export nodes coordinates after plotting a graph?


Labels of the nodes in the output of dot

Dear sir, Is it possible to change the labels of the nodes in output of dot. If yes how? thanks in advance. shijo

Way to not merge/combine nodes?

I'm interested in drawing a graph where a new copy of a node is made each time it's used.

To put it another way, every time a node is used, I'd like to have a new circle in the graph so the full tree structure of the graph appears, rather than a more standard state diagram.

To put it a third way, is there some Graphviz option that makes a graph like:

digraph A {

End up looking like the following graph?

digraph B {
node2a [label="node2"]
node2b [label="node2"]


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