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Can anymore help.

I want to display a Node with text for example 'Office' , but when you hover mouse over it, to bring up more information, for example "Office 555-122" as at the moment can only seem to get Office to appear on the hover over.

So differnet Node can have extra text displayed when the mouse is over the node.

Im using SVG file format, as would like to view in a web browser.

Hope someone can offer an example.

Custom node shapes

I would like to create and use custom shapes that can be modified with node attr. (e.g. penwidth to modify the custom node lines width) I am trying an already working example from to experiment and create such kind of nodes, but without much success.

Example 1, the generic example works:
$ dot -Tps2 -l -o
$ ps2pdf sample.pdf

Example 2:
$ dot -Tps2 -l -Tpng -o sample-ps.png
$ feh sample-ps.png

How to make recursive nodes?

I'm currently writing a graphs library in Java, and I would like a tool to visualize some graphs.

In my model, Graphs are composed of Nodes and Edges. Every Node have a certain number of Ports (I/O/IO) and Edges link those Ports together. Some special nodes are called GraphNodes and embed a Graph. The Ports of these GraphNodes are mapped to some Ports of the internal Nodes.

Create subgraph without an additional node

Hello everyone,

I am somehow new to Graphviz, used it for a little while, but don't know some advanced features.

Here is what I want: I want to create a subgraph without creating an additional node. Now if I have a subgraph, the subgraph will be displayed next to the main graph, and a symbolic node representing the subgraph will be added to the main graph. I now want that in the main graph the subgraph links directly into main one. Of course in this case the outline of the subgraph will be drawn, and the edge to the subgraph will link to the outline.

How to specify the maximum distance between several nodes (plaintext)

Sorry for my poor english...
I generate a tree with 2 levels of nodes. By clicking on a node, I re-generate the tree with a third level but only expanding the branch of that node. And so on...
The last level is composed of more than 15 nodes. So I would like to present them as a list (plaintext) without a large separation as drawn by default. I precise that I  I need to link each node to a URL.
How can I do that ? Thanks in advance for your reply !
Best regards
PS: I use for now dot

Arrange nodes from left to right in my own order

I have a certain dot file (simplified to very simple barebones from a very big file) like the following,

graph "G" {
node [shape=plaintext,fontsize=24,fontname=Helvetica];
ratio = 0.6;
margin = 0.0;

E1 [label = "E"]
E2 [label = "E"]

T4 [label = "T"]
P2 [label = "+"]

E1 -- E2; E1 -- T4; E1 -- P2;


The problem is in the leaf level, I am getting the nodes in the order, E T + (please see the attached image)

I want this to be E + T

Could you please tell me how to achieve this?


Hiding Node that have no arrows connected

Hi people,
We will be thankful if you can can tell how we can hide a node that has no arrows coming or leaving it.

Fill Style?

is there a way to define a fill style of nodes in dot?
I would like to make a replacement of colors in nodes with a style like "dotted", "plusses", ..
that are better viewable in blackwhite plots?
I did not found an attribute "fillstyle="
regards, Oscar

Is it possible to draw edges behind the nodes?

 I am creating a graph with lots of edges... Edges are less important, and it is enough to see approximate the number of them or their density.
I do not want to see them in front of node. eg... they should be rendered first (or behind) nodes. Is it possible?

Neato mode: node initialization problem

 I'm having a problem integrating my code with GraphViz. Namely, I want to

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