neato not found

I have installed graphviz in redhat linux machine using yum command:
yum install --skip-broken graphviz-2.34.0-1.el6.x86_64.rpm
and i have installed some supporting package like gts using: yum install gts-0.7.6-14.el6.x86_64
But while running command like neato -T$graphic $fabric from my ksh scripts,
iam getting this error:
neato command not found and No such file exists error

But i installed graphviz here. But i can't see the exact path where it has installed.
Please help me.


3d neato graph layout

I'm trying to create a 3d surface using neato. The only information I can find says it is possible but does not explain how to do it. Has anyone done it and if so could they walk me through it?
Currently only getting 2d outputs even though dim=3 has been set.

Generating Hierarchical Structure

I have used your product neato to generate diagrams at run time and it works fine. I would like to generate a hierarchical structure with one of your product - to be more specific , org chart. I tried using neato but was unable to control the layout. The nodes appear randomly on a page. I need to create more controlled structure where I can place the parent node on the top the the child nodes and so on..Will it be possible to achieve this functionality in neato or and any other product?

Problems with neato when implementing geographical coordinate assignment

Dear all,
I am trying to make a graph to put on the picture of European Map (1600x1200.png). I use neato form a graph
I looked at the coordinates on MS paint. I am aware that, mspaint uses its left top center for 0,0 (pixel) - neato uses its left bottom center for 0,0 (pixel). I modified my code (which forms the dot file) to change the y axis.
I get my graph information from the database and form the dot file by the code.
The problems are:

Neato in FreeBSD, PDF file all white

map.gv 3500 lines, 167KiB
% neato -Tpdf -Gratio=auto -Ecolor=black -Ncolor=black -Goverlap=false map.gv -O
wait 5 min...
pdf, 537KiB white sheet, all shapes and nodes white color in white sheet О_о
If map.gv it is small it's ok.

Neato mode: node initialization problem

 I'm having a problem integrating my code with GraphViz. Namely, I want to

Initializing nodes for a new mode

 I'm having a problem integrating my code with GraphViz. Namely, I want to provide my method as a mode to neato, but I'm not
sure how to achieve that. After the graph has been read, and the layout computed, I try to assing the positions back to ND_pos(n) for each 
node n. This might be done with proper node initialization after the graph has been read. It is suggested to call
neato_init_node() for each node and common_init_edge() for each edge, but when I include "neato.h" in my header, the message is 

Trouble with neato in Graphviz GUI

I am new to Graphviz. I am running the GUI version of the program on my mac laptop.

I am trying to draw a complete graph in NEATO, and I want to be able to define the distance between nodes. I am therefore using the mds model. My small "test block" is printed below this message.

Problem is, the distances in the final graph are all equal, despite the "len" variable and the mds model. Possibly the GUI is trying to draw this as a DOT graph instead of a NEATO? How do I tell the GUI program I want a NEATO format?

Or am I way off?

Any help is much appreciated.

graph G {

drawing large graphs

I am new to graphviz -- I am drawing a large graph (~15K vertices, ~25K edges) using sfdp. If I simply run sfdp it produces a drawing with very large ellipses used to represent vertices (and with the vertex names inside). Instead, I want to get the nodes drawn as really small circles, or even dots. Can somebody point me in the right direction (in particular, provide an example of the syntax used to achieve this). Thanks in advance.

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