Qt rendering, via xdot

Hi all

I published on github a new library (,
rendering xdot to Qt. There is also an example GUI.

It's of course a WIP towards some fresh view on (SWI)Prolog.
You will need a (very!) recent version of libxdot...

The easier way: open with QtCreator (I used Qt 4.8)

Enjoy !

bye Carlo

using gvmap as a library

I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality of xdot rendering, using Graphviz as a library.
Actually, a simple translation from xdot output to Qt graphics primitives now yields a performant and accurate display of complex graphs.
I think I will try to bypass xdot/libxdot to get further memory/time gain, using gvrender_engine_t...

Now my question: it's possible to get gvmap working at the same level of, say, xdot, thus avoiding FILE IO ?
I understand from license terms I could compile the relevant parts, or I'm wrong here ?


Unable to use dot layout (graphviz as a library)

I use graphviz (v2.28.0) as a library in a C++ application and I would like to render graphs using the dot layout. Everything works fine until I call the gvLayout(_context, _graph, "dot"); function which outputs the following error :

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