Lefty Manual: Incorrect documentation for 'monitor' method


The lefty documentation mentions that the monitor function has the following arguments:

monitor (fileid, mode);

However, it is actually:

monitor (mode, fileid);

I'm not sure if this documentation is still being maintained, but I figured that I should mention this mistake here in case somebody else bumps into this issue in the future. Since lefty functions silently fail, I'm sure this piece of information will save somebody a decent amount of time debugging...

Thanks for listening.

what is the best way to dynamically redisplay a graph

I want to use Graphviz to dynamically update a (near) real-time display of the threads that are part of a process (think parent-child relationships graph).  If a new thread is spawned, it will exist for a minimum of many seconds.  The thread may then terminate or it may remain around if there is additional work for it to do.  Therefore,  I don't need to worry about sub-1-second renderings of the graph.
What is the best way to do this with Graphviz?  lefty?

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