Mindmap layout

I would like to reproduce a mindmap using graphviz.

how to form a pyramid-like layout

Hi guys, I am a new beginner for Graphviz. And i need to generate a triangle layout like a pyramid. Although i tuned a number of parameters for nodes, edges, graphs (e.g., rank, nodesep, minlen, ...), it just did not work in Graphviz as it is now in a "sparse" shape. Could you please give me some ideas how to produce a triangle layout based on the following example? Thank you in advance!

digraph G {


b->a c->a d->b e->b g->c h1->d h2->d h3->e h7->g



Making graph human friendly/readable (500 nodes, 1600 edges)

# First time posting, sorry if this is double-post! 
I have decided to lear DOT language, which looks fantastic. I decided to make a project for making a graph for RPM building. I scan all the recipes to build RPM packages and also add information about required patches and imports. Currently my graph has <500 nodes and >1600, and the size should be stable +/- 50-100 nodes/edges from time to time.
Here is what I have now:
* (sfdp)

GV layout questions

I have a problem with layout of GV.  It is something like this.
- if I don't use a layout option then I don't have enough control on the shapes; for example, a column of cells may become a row of cells, etc.
- if I use LR (say), then the graph does not utilize the real estate of a page (assuming page size is specified)
Is there any suggestion?

How to implement a new layout style in Graphviz


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