typesetting math formulae

Hi Everyone,

I have just made a quick investigation and was unable to find the way to display math formulae as texts in nodes or as edge labels. For example, subscripts and superscripts I miss quite much.
Thanks for any help

Edge labels below the edge

Hi all, is it possible in graphs an edge label below the edge as well as above it?
Like this:

My objective is to have the edge label above state a condition, and the label below an action.

I tried using xlabel, but the placement and overlapping is not as I intended (tried to correct it though, bu without luck).

Thank you for any help.

sfdp label_scheme example?

Is there a simple code snippet/graph available for demonstrating the sfdp label_scheme implementation:

I have tried to interpret |edgelabel|* with no success.

"...The value indicates whether to treat a node whose name has the form |edgelabel|* ..."

say a graph is in the format (duplication is intended):

graph G {
graph [label_scheme=1];
"A_1" -- "B_1" [label="test01"]
"B_1" -- "C_1" [label="test02"]
"B_1" -- "C_1" [label="test03"]
"C_1" -- "A_1" [label="test04"]
A_1 [label="A"]
B_1 [label="B"]
C_1 [label="C"]

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