html-like label port unrecognized

Hi, I want to connect edges to nodes' port using html-like labels, but I get warnings like below:

Warning: node o, port 0 unrecognized
Warning: node o, port 1 unrecognized
Warning: node o, port 0 unrecognized
Warning: node o, port 1 unrecognized

This is the generated png. I put the equivalent dot description in gvedit, and it works fine. So am i miss something in the c++ code?

The dot:

digraph {


how to compress a graph?

I some time get a bigger than neccesary layout when applying labels to edges how do I avoid that?
in the following example the space between ab1 and ab2 is unneccessary large




subgraph's label style

If I create subgraph as follow,

subgraph cluster1 {
color = white;
label = "process #2";
b0 [shape=ellipse];

can I change style of label "process #2" to be bold?

sfdp label_scheme example?

Is there a simple code snippet/graph available for demonstrating the sfdp label_scheme implementation:

I have tried to interpret |edgelabel|* with no success.

"...The value indicates whether to treat a node whose name has the form |edgelabel|* ..."

say a graph is in the format (duplication is intended):

graph G {
graph [label_scheme=1];
"A_1" -- "B_1" [label="test01"]
"B_1" -- "C_1" [label="test02"]
"B_1" -- "C_1" [label="test03"]
"C_1" -- "A_1" [label="test04"]
A_1 [label="A"]
B_1 [label="B"]
C_1 [label="C"]

Replace node ID with a label

I have tried out a very simple graph, with dotty.
which is as follows, I would like to know how to display some text content in these nodes in addition to the node id?

I'm trying to build s simple code flow chart from some code., so it can contain text like "a = a+1;", "print('Hello')" ; etc..

digraph G {
start -> a0;
start -> b0;
a1 -> b3;
b2 -> a3;
a3 -> a0;
a3 -> end;
b3 -> end;
start [shape=Mdiamond];
end [shape=Msquare];

How to get coords from labels for html

Hello, it is my first project with graphviz and I hope you can help me.
I have a matrix in excell with a nxn relatonship and wants to display as an
digraph. At the edges I want to have some labels and I want to display it in
the IE (so svg is not working).
So I collect all datas from the excell sheet and create the input file for dot. The outputfile is a png and a an imap file. I thought I can get the coords for the labels from the imap file, but tis was not totally correct.

unable to get HTML labels to render--am I doing this correctly?

Hello everyone, I don't know whether this is an issue with my understanding or a real issue with graphviz. I am unable to get html labels to render properly. When I have a node defined B [label="bold label"] it just appears as the text literal "bold label"

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