Custom node shapes

I would like to create and use custom shapes that can be modified with node attr. (e.g. penwidth to modify the custom node lines width) I am trying an already working example from to experiment and create such kind of nodes, but without much success.

Example 1, the generic example works:
$ dot -Tps2 -l -o
$ ps2pdf sample.pdf

Example 2:
$ dot -Tps2 -l -Tpng -o sample-ps.png
$ feh sample-ps.png

Help with embedding svg files

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to create a graph that has svg images embedded within it, and then output the whole thing as an svg image, and I've been running into some issues.

I'm using graphviz version 2.30.1

Here is a small example of the type of dot file that I'm creating that reproduces the problem for me.

digraph "" {
graph [bgcolor=transparent, fontcolor=black, ratio=fill, splines=TRUE, rank=same, size="6.99,6.99", rankdir=TB];
node [label="\N", shape = none, fillcolor=transparent, fontcolor=black, fontsize=16, height="1.5", width="1.0", labelloc=b];

Embed http image

Hi all,
I'm trying to insert an image in a node, but when I execute dot I get this error:
Warning: Invalid argument while opening
Warning: No or improper image="" for node "b"

The dot source is this:
digraph legend {
a [image="d:\temp\out.gif"]
b [image=""]

In the resulting graph I see the node with the local image correctly, but the 'b' node doesn't have any image.

I'm behind a proxy, but I don't think this is the problem.

Embed a image on the web

I wanted to add an image that resides in the web to a node, but when I try to create my svg image dot says that:
Warning: Invalid argument while opening
Warning: No or improper image="" for node "imgnode"

This is my dot source file:
digraph G {
imgnode[image="", label=""];
imgnode2[image="D:\temp\out.gif", label=""];

The imgnode2 display the image correctly.

I'm behind a proxy, is it possible that this is the problem?

Data URI

Is it possible to use the [image] tag to embed a data URI string?
i.e. (should display a red dot image)

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